“I would highly recommend Dave for anyone to learn to drive. He’s patient and calm, which I found helpful when learning. Dave did a great job when helping me to pass relatively quickly and his lessons were always professional and enjoyable. Thanks Dave”

- Harry Adams

“After my brother and sister passed with Dave, I new he was the driving instructor for me! I had a great driving experience with him. Every lesson I progressed due to his exceptional instruction. He had the ability to make me feel comfortable and at ease while driving, and lessons were always made fun, with his incredible sense of humor and the great tunes he would play on his ipod! To top things off I passed first time with Dave, and I couldn't have done that without the confidence he gave me. A great guy and an excellent teacher - I recommend Dave 100%. Thank you again, was a pleasure!”

- Jenny Smith

“A fun, calm and encouraging instructor who loves to have a laugh at the same time! Really enjoyed my lessons with him and made driving enjoyable not a chore! David allowed me to pass first time for which I am very grateful. Thank you for everything!”

- Will Brown

“I just wanted to say how amazing Dave was as an instructor, the car was really lovely to drive and his humour made lessons fun. I passed in May and feel like a confident driver thanks to his patience and persistence with his teaching. Thank you Dave!! Would highly recommend him to anyone looking to learn to drive.”


Exceptional Instructor
Along with his uplifting character, incredible patience, hilarious sense of humour and endless amounts of sweetie goodies in the glovebox... David fills you with confidence and believes in you and your capability to drive. I passed my test with no minors! All thanks to David's brilliant teaching, guidance and support. Will definitely be recommending! ”

- Georgina Bradley

Nice Guy and a very good Instructor
David is a good instructor as he is always calm even in stressful situations, this helps when you are driving as it keeps you relaxed and focussed. With David as my instructor I passed my theory and practical first time and thats all thanks to his guidance and support. I would recommend David to anyone who wants to learn to drive quickly and easily.”

- Rory Macdonald

Great driving instructor
David is a wonderful instructor and a great guy to have your lessons with. He is really patient, always calm and happy to go over things until you understand them. He also doesn't mind if you get stressed and a bit tearful (like I did on mock tests!) - the tissues and sweets come straight out of the glove box!! I passed first time - a fantastic testament to David's skills as a driving instructor - thanks Dave!”

- Helen Down

Excellent Instructor
David is a great instructor, always calm, super patient, completely honest and with a great sense of humor. He always makes time for you. Passed both theory and practical tests first time thanks to the great advice and lessons given by David. I would definitely recommend him!!!”

- Erika Hinojosa

Excellent Instructor
Without a doubt David is the nicest driving instructor. Never ending amounts of sweets from the depths of his glove box. He always manages to make time for you. He is patient and manages to remain calm within all situations even if you are stressing out. Passing first time with a fabulous instructor defiantly would recommend! Thank you for everything Dave :)”

- Christina Laws

Good stuff
Driving lessons with Dave are an enjoyable experience. Eating his sweets and discussing a range of topics (but normally football) are equally as important as learning how to move the car. He always manages to find time for a lesson, however full his diary appears. I'm sure his patience (and car) must have been tested as I forgot to slow down for the speed bumps or failed to avoid the potholes but it didn't show. You'll definitely have a great time learning with Dave!”

- Nick Blogg

Great driving instructor
I started driving at the start of March and passed in the middle of April, all thanks to Dave! With his very professional lessons and great sense of humour he helped me pass in no time aswell as really enjoying the whole experience! I'd recommend Dave to anyone! So thanks for everything Dave, privalege to learn with!”

- Michael Stocker

Fab Instructor!
One of the most memerable things about David is his ability to make you smile when the nervs kick in. With the sweets in the glove box and the funny jokes, he helped me pass my test first time. He took me step by step through everything there is to know about driving safely and the Highway Code, and would always make sure I understood everything; and if not he would happily go over something again. He is reliable, flexable, professional and a caring instructor. A pleasure to learn with. Thanks!”

- Heather Morton

Brilliant Instructor
From start to finish David was a funny, professional, punctual, and helpful instructor. He took me through everything very quickly and thoroughly, helping me to pass in ten weeks. I chose him having heard from a friend that he was a good instructor and I'm glad I did. He was always calm and has an impressive collection of sweets in the glove box; what more could you want. Cheers Dave.”

- Ross Walden

Excellent instructor
David is an excellent instructor, he took me through everything i needed to know step by step on a level that was suitable for my learning style. He gave me great revision material for my theory test which i passed first time and even when i failed my first test, he managed to keep me positive and again took me through everything i had done wrong and how i could correct it. Thanks to his guidance i passed on my second attempt. I never felt under any pressure from David and lessons were always relaxed and well humoured; he never once lost his temper and was always calm and helpful. For anyone who wants as much of a great learning experience as i had, go straight to David Barnard. Thanks again Dave!”

- Jonty Crowley

Great instructor, very amusing lessons
I moved to David after having problems with my 1st instructor. I should have gone with him in the 1st place. I thought I wanted a lady driver but he was so much better. Thanks David, was a pleasure to learn with you. we had some great lessons. See you on the roads.”

- Paige Stanton

Top marks
Having heard from many others that David was the best instructor to go for, I got on the phone and booked my first block of lessons. I was pleased to find out that due to David's professionalism, patience, good priced lessons and excellent sense of humour, the rumours were true. From start to finish I felt that I was in a safe pair of hands - David provided me with very useful theory revision materials and top notch teaching, allowing me to progress at a fast pace through my Theory and Practical tests, both of which I passed first time. For a calm, friendly driving instructor who somehow always manages to find time for you, your best choice would be David Barnard.”

- Matt White

Great guy, great teacher
I was recommended David as a driving instructor,by numerous people when I was thinking about learning to drive. He's fun, thourough and really proffessional. I really looked forward to my lessons, they were the highlight of my week! He gave me the confidence and the skill I needed and I passed first time with just 3 months of learning. Great guy and a great teacher :) Such a laugh, check him out!”

- Annie Faulkner

Excellent Progress!
David is an excellent Driving Instructor. I made really fast progress, much to my surprise, and my test was passed in seemingly no time. He is really funny with loads of jokes and an endless supply of sweets! Looking forward to doing Pass Plus!”

- Jo Laker

Driving With David
I really had a great time driving with David, he was always very punctual, supportive and has a possitive attitude towards his pupils. He taught me everything that i need to know in order to pass my test!”

- Ashley Humphreys