Driving Lessons in Horsham with David Barnard Driving

My name is David Barnard, an Approved Driving Instructor located in Southwater. I hold driving lessons in Horsham and the surrounding villages for anybody who wishes to learn to drive with a patient driving instructor. What sets me apart from other local driving schools is my ability to work to the experience and confidence levels of my pupils. I am incredibly proud to have helped so many drivers to reach the Driving Test standard.

If you would like to make a booking for driving lessons please contact me on 07779 497465.

As an Approved Driving Instructor, I offer a full range of driving lessons tailored to the budgets and personal needs of my pupils. Learn to drive with me and every lesson is a structured, informative and educational experience built around the one thing that matters most – your personal safety.

For those in the Horsham District who would like to benefit from my work as an Approved Driving Instructor and improve their skills further, I have the following driving lessons available.

Block Driving Lessons

Those who wish to learn to drive sooner should consider my block driving lessons the best place to start. Booking in blocks saves you money on the cost of individual driving lessons and, subject to my diary, it’s possible to take as many lessons in a week or a month as you would like. This is the best way to work with an Approved Driving Instructor such as myself.

Making a block booking is also a great gift idea and one that is suitable for anybody in the Horsham area who is looking to learn to drive independently.

Intensive Driving lessons

Learn to drive even sooner with intensive lessons from a local driving instructor who knows how to pace courses of this kind to the needs of the pupil. Intensive driving lessons significantly cut the time it takes to learn to drive and, with a driving instructor like myself who connects with his pupils well, this is a fantastic way for anybody from Horsham or the surrounding West Sussex area to get on the road in the shortest amount of time. My intensive driving lessons are well-planned so that they give the pupil the best possible intensive learning experience with the aim of preparing the driver for the requirements of the practical Driving Test.

Pass Plus Driving Lessons

Only a small handful of driving schools in Horsham have approval to hold Pass Plus driving lessons and one of them is my own, David Barnard Driving. The purpose of these lessons is to enhance driving skills, increase driving experience and promote a responsible driving attitude after passing the practical Driving Test. An Approved Driving Instructor teaches newly-qualified drivers the following subjects:

  • Driving in Town
  • Countryside Driving
  • All-Weather Driving
  • Driving at Night
  • Dual Carriageways
  • Driving on Motorways

There is no test to take at the end of Pass Plus driving lessons, just assessment throughout the sessions. As long as an Approved Driving Instructor such as myself approves your performance, you will receive a Pass Plus Certificate from the D&VSA. Some insurance companies will give a discount on the premium for the attainment of this certificate.

Motorway Driving

I know from my experience as an Approved Driving Instructor that the motorway is one of the most challenging places to learn to drive. The pace of motorway driving is very different to driving in town and most driving schools recognise how daunting it can be to take to our busiest roads for the first time. The motorway can be a hostile and intimidating place.

These driving lessons, which take place on motorways close to Horsham, help you to build your confidence and to use these roads with an experienced driving instructor by your side.

Refresher Driving Lessons

I hold refresher and confidence-boosting driving lessons aimed at those who might have already passed the driving test but who have not driven for some time. I use my skills as an Approved Driving Instructor to tackle anything you might be struggling with in your driving such as parking.

Learn to drive again with confidence by taking refresher driving lessons and I promise to have you back in the swing of things inside a few short hours.

Use the Contact Us page, Email: davidbarnarddriving@gmail.com OR Call: 07779 497465 to tell me your requirements. David Barnard, A local approved driving instructor covering Horsham, Southwater and the surrounding villages.