Learn to Drive in Horsham with David Barnard

Do you want to learn to drive? If you live in the Horsham area and need a qualified driving instructor, I want to hear from you. I’m a member of the Driving Instructors Association and like all reputable driving schools, mine has DSA approval. I am also qualified to take “Pass Plus” driving lessons which build on everything you learn ahead of the driving test. I also cover all locations surrounding my hometown of Southwater in West Sussex.

It’s important to get off to the best possible start with any new driving instructor and, with plenty of driving schools in the Horsham area to choose from, I always recommend that you take your time over making a decision. What is important is that you learn to drive through a planned structure of driving lessons with, of course, a qualified driving instructor like me.

To learn to drive to the standards needing for passing a test, expect to take around 44 hours of lessons with a driving instructor and a further 22 hours of private practice. These are the typical number of hours any learner driver from the Horsham area should expect to spend behind the wheel according to figures issued by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA).

Naturally, the number of driving lessons needed in order to learn to drive safely varies from person to person. By working in unison with qualified driving instructor and their approved driving schools, learner drivers in Horsham usually fall in around the national average before taking the test for the first time. It’s a good idea to keep a personal record of your progress.

Reason to Choose a Qualified Driving Instructor

A driving instructor such as myself has to take a series of challenging tests in order to gain DIA membership. I also need to have an audit by the DSA and undergo regular CRB checks. I display a green badge in my vehicle to show I am fully qualified to take driving lessons whereas those in the Horsham area with a pink badge on display are only partially qualified. Learn to drive with me, and I’ll take you all the way to the test standard and beyond.

One of the best ways to choose from the different driving schools in Horsham is to talk to previous pupils and students. Recommendations are the backbone of business for every qualified driving instructor and my testimonials are better than most. That’s because I know how difficult it can be for those who want to learn to drive for the first time, and always go into great detail during my driving lessons to give you the knowledge you need for the test.

My prices are competitive compared to other driving schools in the Horsham area and I accept block bookings to lower the average cost of individual driving lessons. Because I work independently, I never have to incur franchise fees and I always quote by the hour. Some driving schools, particularly the larger ones, quote prices for 45 or 50 minute driving lessons.

A Complete Choice of Driving Lessons Available

Beware of driving schools offering intensive courses that promise you a test pass in the space of a week. To do this type of course, you will need to have some driving lessons behind you and must have passed the theory test already. Even the best driving instructor in the world would struggle to take an absolute novice from a first lesson to a full driving licence in just 7 days. This is not what my own intensive courses are about.

My intensive driving lessons in Horsham do allow you to learn to drive over a shorter period of time, but still provide you with plenty of opportunities to absorb what you have learned instead of cramming it all into a single week. When you finally pass your test with me, I will have made you a much safer driver and far less likely to be involved in an accident.

For some people, block driving lessons are the way to go. They make learners commit to their driving a little more while saving them money against the cost of individual lessons. I’m also a qualified driving instructor with approval to take “Pass Plus” lessons. These are perfect for those in Horsham who have passed the test and would like to build on their skills by driving on motorways, dual carriageways, at night and in different weather conditions.

Use the Contact Us page, Email: davidbarnarddriving@gmail.com OR Call: 07779 497465 to tell me your requirements. David Barnard, A local approved driving instructor covering Horsham, Southwater and the surrounding villages.